Limited Edition Tori Richard Kona Coffee Farms Shirt

With our preference for Aloha print fabric, we couldn't risk joining a group of Kona coffee farmers in commissioning a custom Tori Richard Ltd. designed and manufactured Aloha shirt. The shirts are made of 100% cotton lawn and feature the labels of local Kona coffee farms, including Left Coast Farms' Long Mountain Kona label. This fine-woven Tori Richard Cotton Lawn (R) fabric is prized for its performance in warm climates, light weight, resistance to creasing and subtle luster.

The shirts, in normal Aloha-shirt fashion, run to the large size, so keep that in mind when ordering. All sizes are right-size buttoning, but hey, who pays attention to that anymore? Made in Hawaii by Tori Richard Ltd., the shirt label says "Mokulele Farms", the Kona coffee farmer who arranged the commission of these shirts. These handsome shirts are unique, very limited edition and fun to wear!

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Kona coffee Aloha shirt
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Kona coffee Aloha shirt label
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