Kona Coffee Farmers

Kim Johnson started drinking coffee at the tender age of seven, corrupted by a mum who taught her small children to make the morning coffee and bring it to her in bed. Permanent addiction was confirmed when her first boyfriend gave her a coffee grinder. Lewis once gave her a teapot, but he later redeemed himself by giving her a Kona Coffee Farm. A California native, she learned to swim as soon as she could float, and has been in the water ever since. When not picking and processing Kona Coffee, she shows and breeds
Gold-Rush Golden Retrievers and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. If you all don't buy enough Left Coast Farm 100% Kona Coffee, she has to work as a Quality Control Nurse, but she would prefer not to.

Lewis Johnson was a tea drinker until he married Kim, when all of his tea paraphernalia mysteriously disappeared. He is an avid home roaster, which is a little hard on the smoke alarms. Lewis has logged dives from all over the world and has participated in many endurance cycling events. When not whacking down bamboo and planting coffee trees, he is a Professor and Researcher at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute. He is a professional singer, performing with groups such as the Los Angeles Master Choral, the Burbank Choral and the Los Angeles Opera.

Lewis and Kim have been married nineteen years, and split their time between their left coast homes in Venice, California and Honaunau, Hawaii. Between the two of them they have enough frequent flyer miles to round-trip to Mars, if they could only find the time.

Kona Coffee farmer Kim Johnson and friend
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Kona coffee farmer Lewis Johnson and friends